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Make your place in the history of Arkandia.
Thrown head first into the raging conflict between heaven and hell you must choose a side and forever change the fate of the world.
Delve into deep dungeons and emerge with a pack full of loot, defend the kingdom with the help of your personal companions or spend your time by the forge crafting artifacts of great power.

The Arkandian Legends are a series of stories that you the player live through. Achievements, skills, items and victories in one story follow you through to the next, unlocking new features and advantages as you go. Your actions will determine the course of your adventures and the choices you make can change the very nature of the world.

Features Include:

Explore over 60 vast dungeons and claim the loot held within by defeating enemies in one on one combat.
Over 500 different base items and 30 magical properties all of which change your appearance, give more than 18 billion possible combinations.
The unified Buff and cap system allows you to perfect your armour and weapons to give the advantages and abilities you prefer.
Equip and train your defense squad of 6 units and utilize them during large scale battles.
Learn the art of Magic, Melee or Archery – Your skills increase as you use them.
Choose your path during the main campaign, siding with either good or evil during the crusade. Your chosen path will change the story in future chapters.
Earn 21 different achievements, all of which unlock special features in the next chapter of the Arkandian Legends.
Customize your house, place statues, banners, carpets and furniture. Make your home your own.
Craft items by seeking out a selection of 120 different crafting recipes.

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